I want to help you leap over barriers on your way to success.

Hi! I'm Janice and what gets me out of bed every day is knowing that I can share my knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs share their vision with the world.

In my time at Shopify, I learned that the MOST common roadblock for eCommerce entrepreneurs was getting eyes on their webpage.

Having a strong content strategy WORKS - but it's so time consuming! Most entrepreneurs don't have the time to be writing blogs and social media posts in addition to building a business.

Even if they are consistently blogging and sharing, the missing link was getting that content SEEN. Enter ...


I promise - if you take the time to invest in a content strategy and share that content on Pinterest, you WILL see an increase in traffic and sales conversions.

Calgary Pinterest Expert Janice Dixon

Pinterest users are searching for something to buy. Let me share your products and get qualified buyers to your website.