Why Raft?

A raft doen't work without all the planks - that's what we do! We ensure all the planks - your blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest - are working to keep you afloat while you build your audience.

Also - did you know a family of otters is called a raft? ADORABLE!

But I like doing social media!

Glad to hear it! We don't take over EVERYTHING. To be authentic, you need to be replying to comments and sharing personal Instagram Stories. BUT - do you really want to be planning & schedling 25+ posts across 5-6 social channels per week? It's a huge committment. For a content strategy to really work, you need to be consistent - that's what we offer.

You're just playing around on Facebook - I have to pay you for that?

Yes. It's an investment. It can be one that is slow to pay off, too. But building your brand is key to building a community AROUND your brand who like, share and buy again and again. PLUS - you're going to free up 5 - 20 hours a week. How much is that worth to you?